Gas Turbine Component Repair, Gas Turbine Component RepairGenex Turbine Technologies uses state-of-the-art techniques to inspect and refurbish combustion, compressor and turbine section components manufactured by GE, Siemens, Alstom, Mitsubishi and others. Our Staff has considerable knowledge in the repair of heavy industrial gas turbine components and our global presence ensures a quick response to your individual needs.

Our gas turbine component repair process includes a thorough inspection and detailed condition assessment. Metallurgical testing is often employed on components that exhibit material fatigue or have been operated near to or beyond OEM recommendations. Customers find that our inspection fixtures and repair methods have been thoughtfully engineered. Our high-tech manufacturing business enables us to develop and manufacture intricate tooling with ease.

Our component repair recommendations and straightforward pricing is documented in our inspection reports. We are also able to recommend technical enhancements to your components. Replacement capital parts are very expensive! Take full advantage of REJUVINEX™, our proprietary superalloy rejuvenation process used to extend the life of your hardware and mitigate the risk of mechanical alloy failures in turbine airfoils.

Repair Capabilities

Genex repairs fuel nozzles, combustion baskets, transition pieces, turbine blades and vanes, interstage seals, diaphragms, shroud blocks and ring segments. We have extensive experience with the following industrial gas turbine models:

General Electric:
Frame 5 / 6B – 6FA / 7B – 7FA / 9E – 9FA

251 B8 – 12 / 501 D – D5A / 501 F – FD3

V64.3 / V84.2 / V94.2 / V84.3 – 3A2 / V94.3 – 3A2

701D – DA

Project Financing

Do you have service-run components in your warehouse waiting to be refurbished? If these parts are to be used in your next outage, it is best to prepare the parts well ahead of time. Consider that you may have some fallout due to material degradation but you will not know until the parts are inspected. We understand that major maintenance events can stretch an O&M budget. Genex is offering longer term repair project financing designed to levelize customer cash flow. We will inspect your parts, generate condition assessments, recommendations, replacement part lists and then extend long-term payment options to suit plant budgets and bring the expenses more in line with scheduled outages. At a minimum, the components can be inspected, assessed and then shelved for future repair, but do so with full knowledge of reparability with no surprises.

We can develop a customized payment plan to meet your needs. Qualified customers are able to mitigate the risk of an unplanned event. This is another example of how Genex is willing to go the extra mile for its customers.