IGT owners and operators are quite familiar with Long-Term Agreements (LTA). The OEM’s have successfully marketed these agreements through a variety of tactics.  Once executed however, the pitfalls of such an OEM LTA become clear. IGT user groups began to highlight these pitfalls years ago. Topics ranging from hidden costs, excluded items and the perception that the OEM will not support equipment without an LTA dominate the annual user group agendas. IGT owners and operators have become educated.

Genex recognizes the tactics employed by the OEM’s and we too have become educated to what is important to the end user. Genex offers highly competitive LTA programs covering component repairs and pre-staging of replacement parts. Our competitive rates are negotiated up-front and embedded in the agreement for the term. Concerned about fallout? Our replacement parts are itemized in the agreement with firm pricing. Need to manage cash flow? Combine an LTA program with our Project Finance options. This strategy affords you cash-flow flexibility while ensuring your parts will be ready after each outage in case of unplanned events. What about outage kits? Genex will work with you to determine exactly what is required for your specific outage needs, retain the requisite inventory and pre-stage the items prior to your next inspection. Don’t want to be locked into a contract? Genex offers termination for convenience contracts. At any time, you can cancel the LTA for any reason. No hidden agendas here. Contact a sales representative for more information.